Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Don't Owe Anything To Microsoft!

Steve Ballmer has been saying that Linux is an illegal Operating System. How is it that companies can offer enterprise versions of Linux? How is it that Red Hat has been such a dominant player in the Linux World, and be offering an illegal operating system? Where are all these copyright infringements? And lastly, why do I owe Microsoft money for their intellectual property. I read a pretty good blog over at ZDNet on this topic. Like the author, I too want to see the proof. Where is the proof that Linux has copied Microsoft. I think it was Linux that came out with XGL first, and from what I've read it's A LOT better than Aero in the forthcoming Vista. I could be totally wrong, but didn't Linux first support 64bit systems. I get cutting edge software without having to go buy the cutting edge hardware. IMHO I like that a lot more than having to go out and buy the cutting edge hardware just to run MS's apps in Vista. I have thousands of applications at my fingertips with Linux....I don't think that MS has repositories of software that is freely available.

I think that we, the Linux Community, have had enough of this FUD. I think that we are tired of the intimidation factor. I think that we won't budge, or put up with these statements. I think that there will be a HUGE outcry for Microsoft to prove that we are infact "stealing MS's innovation", that we are riding on the coattails of their successes.

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