Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Try something different? SymphonyOS

This distro is most certainly not for everyone, but one of the very interesting things about it is the unique user interface design that attempts to carve out a new metaphor in the way the desktop is used. Interesting. Will have to work a whole lot better in practice if it is ever to become practical, but a very interesting idea nevertheless.


BrionS said...

I tried SymphonyOS a long time ago when it was still alpha. I might have to try it out again just for fun. Do they have a live CD somewhere?

coastie said...

I d/l Symphony, booted it. I was impressed with the marked improvement since their last beta....untill I opened Firefox. It seems that Symphony didn't config my nic, which is a real problem...especially since it is a wired nic. It is a much better looking release though!