Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dell + Linux = Success

So Dell has FINALLY decided to start selling PC's with Linux already installed on them.


"Analysis -- Officially, Dell Inc. hasn't said a word yet about which Linux it will be preloading on its desktops and laptops. Several sources within Dell, however, have told that Dell's desktop Linux pick is going to be Ubuntu.While unable to confirm this through official Dell channels, we have heard the same story now from several internal Dell sources. They tell us that the Austin, Texas, computer giant will be preinstalling the newly released Ubuntu 7.04. These systems will be released in late May 2007."

This is HUGE! This is something that we have been waiting for for quite a while, a major vendor to step up and deliver. Timing couldn't be better either as Microsoft is now pushing Vista.

While I haven't had the displeasure of test driving Vista, I have heard from friends that it's just a pretty XP. Tons of drivers aren't working and just like the rest of M$'s OSes it has many security faults. Users are going to be looking for an alternative when it's time to switch to Vista.

Personally I wonder what exactly is driving Dell to Ubuntu other than Michael Dell running it. I'm sure that Ubuntu being the most popular distro out there right now doesn't hurt either.

From Direct2Dell we see this:

n February when Dell launched IdeaStorm as forum for customers to contribute ideas for product offerings, we received overwhelming feedback that customers wanted Linux on desktops and notebooks.

As part of an overall effort to update our Linux program, today we are announcing a partnership with Canonical to offer Ubuntu on select consumer desktop and notebook products.

Update: These systems will be available in the coming weeks to customers in the United States.

This represents another step in the overall enhancement of our Linux program:

We recently launched a Linux community board as another way to help our customers to get help they need to augment things we've been doing like supporting Linux mailing lists.

You can also find the IdeaStrom update in Ideas in Action section."

So we see that Dell is finally serious about Linux, maybe we'll begin seeing ads to reflect that. The winds of change will probably begin blowing now, I see other dealers beginning to do this now. HP, Lenovo, Acer, and the rest. While it is possible to get Linux preloaded on any of these, depending on how hard you look, I see them being much more prevalent.

Dell's decision for Ubuntu Linux is geared for the home user, whereas the Red Hat, and Novell solutions are for Enterprise. Because of this I doubt Red Hat and Novell will complain too much.

This is Linux's chance to break out and show the world what it is capable of. Most computer savvy users are no doubt aware of Linux's presence...but there are a lot more out there who have no clue what Linux is. This initiative will aid that.

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