Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ubuntu is advancing the state of the art

Ubuntu has been one of the most popular Linux distributions since the project got off the ground in 2004. Huge improvements have been made to the packages provided in the distribution, the installation packaging, the ease of use, device support, and graphics capabilities. For the upcoming release even more improvements are planned, with the eventual aim of surpassing Windows in properly setting up the graphical windowing environment, enhancing 3D capabilities, improving the appearance and function, and advancing the overall state of the art of Linux computing.

Ubuntu 7.04, the current release, already has a great feature set. The upcoming fall release, Gutsy Gibbon, 7.10, due in October, promises to be another step, hopefully an even more significant one, toward many of these stated goals. If it is anywhere near as successful as the current release, much good will come of it.

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