Sunday, June 14, 2009

Using sidux with Midori

I am here using sidux, my number one favorite Linux distribution, and I have been experimenting with Webkit based Web browsers over the past few weeks. I am getting to the point where I have some preferences, and this is it: Midori seems like it has the potential to evolve into one really fast, handy browser, especially if you want to create a light, fast desktop or window manager based system.

I have placed a comment in a reply to one of the sidux forum posts that Midori be considered for inclusion on the next sidux XFCE CD, either as the default XFCE browser or at least as an alternative that can be installed from the CD.

I now rate Midori as one of the fastest browsers. I found a few rendering issues, but they are minor, and I'd rate it better than Konqueror at accurately rendering most pages, including this blog. It is without question faster and more accurate than Konqueror, and sidux includes Konqueror as their default browser in the KDE edition, so I am lobbying to make Midori the new default Web browser in the next sidux XFCE edition; it deserves it.


akau said...

Hmm, Konqeror seems to display this page fine in the version I'm using (4.2.3's version), but I have to agree Midori is hands down the best browser for webkit yet and nice and lightweight.

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