Friday, October 9, 2009

Keeping technically astute

I am working hard at reading and studying about technology, while at the same time, spending time each day researching companies and looking for a job.

I most recently worked in project management, so that is my first preference, but in most of the project management work, there were still close ties with quality assurance, and I rolled up my sleeves a number of times to help testing efforts, so both my QA and Project Management skills are fresh, and I am working VERY HARD at keeping it that way.

I have had two other times during the course of my career where I went through long lapses between assignments in the software industry. Both times I worked very hard to remain as current as possible on the technology.

The most recent time I was extremely successful at it, and even was able to demonstrate capabilities beyond what I had originally been hired to do, leading quickly to a move to a position with additional responsibilities. I want to make certain that I can do the same thing as I continue to look for work.

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