Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Are You Here With... and Whatever: Lucid Puppy 5.2

On a couple of my favorite Beehive based web forums, we have a topic entitled simply, "What Are You Here With... and Whatever?" The purpose of the topic is to discuss whatever software and systems we are using, but the title of the topic deliberately gives us plenty of latitude to run off on tangents, discussing nearly anything... whatever, as the title clearly states.

This weekend, I have gone off into running a couple of distributions in Live mode. Today, I downloaded the newest test version of antiX M11.0 pt2, which is, according to anticapitalista, very close to final form, so we could be seeing a Version 11.0 release of antiX M11.0 very soon, and that's good. It is a solid release and I have had very good test results with it.

After running antiX for a while, I decided to come over and run the Lucid Puppy 5.2 release. It is even smaller and simpler than antiX. It runs pretty well, but I did find one thing about Puppy that I do not like as well as antiX - the default fonts.

With antiX, when I ran the browser I was able to get a pretty decent set of default fonts. Turns out I could get them with Puppy, but the default fonts were pretty light and fuzzy. If you find yourself with a similar issue, try using the "Liberation" font series for your Serif, Sans Serif, and Monospace fonts and you may be pleasantly surprised. Those are the default fonts that at least I prefer.

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