Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Brian Masinick said...

This note is not directly pertinent to Linux distributions, but at least once, I wanted to show you one of the part time jobs that I manage - a mailing list for an international prayer needs ministry. Unfortunately I have to use Windows based Front Page to extract many of the messages used in the letter, but I wanted to mention to you that, with that exception, I use FREE software to edit and compose the mailing. I use Mozilla's Seamonkey Composer to edit the messages downloaded from Front Page, and I also use Seamonkey Mail and News Client to read additional Email from readers and include the edited letters along with the downloaded letters.

I used to also use Seamonkey to send out the mailing, but lately Constant Contact, which is the mailing program that the ministry uses has stopped working with Seamonkey, so instead of resorting to Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, I went with a Seamonkey and Firefox combination instead.

Also, I use the FREE Barry's Emacs text editor as a Notepad replacement so that I can push plain text into the Seamonkey composer without getting different colors and fonts that would otherwise be imported into the Seamonkey Composer from the different styles that people use in their Email messages.

So hopefully you can see that while the link to the note is about something I have a passion for - praying for the needs of others around the world, I use my expertise in browsing and editing in a FREE software environment to put my stamp on it, and it is in that context that I have created this blog entry and my comment about it.