Wednesday, April 18, 2007

OpenSuse.US Turns 1 Today!!!

OpenSuse.US has turned one year old today!!! Boasting a userbase of over 2611 members posting over 11,000 articles.

Here is how some of our members came to Linux, and OpenSuse.

Posted by Knucklehead : "The thing that made me want to switch the most was Microsoft's treatment of us, the consumer. It seems to me that since Microsoft currently has so many customers they don't really care if one customer is unhappy with them. I'm tired of product activation, worrying about malware, and having Microsoft stick "Genuine Advantage" tools in my computer. I also became irked with them because it seems to me that the people who aren't actively trying to crack Microsoft software are the ones who suffer for those who do. I also do not like the fact that a consumer has to pay more money if they do not already have a previous copy of Windows on a computer, and that you have to pay more money to get features in a professional edition that you do not in a home edition. Already Microsoft has split the Vista OS into five. I'm not paying any more money to Microsoft as far as I am concerned."

Dburke1984 wrote : "I was first introduced to Red Hat Linux in second year of college; thats about 3 years ago. The astronomy department were using it to run an Image Reduction Analysis Facility.
I was never really thought anything about it as IRAF is all from the command line as so I never really even looked at the GUI.

But about this time last year I was starting my final year project and I wished to run IRAF on my laptop. One of my fellow class mates was running Suse 10.0 on his laptop and he noticed that I also had a 64bit AMD so he suggested I tried this version of Linux as he found it worked well.

The main reason I had never tried it before was due to all the horror stories that I have heard about the partitioning of your hard drive and how easy it is to wipe windows. I must add here that I was brought up on windows so I was weary about losing my security blanket.

But once I did get it installed I never looked back. I am so glad that I now use Suse as my main os, I keep windows for games Rolling Eyes

This year I was also faced with the choice of weather to continue using it predominatly as my main os. As I am using Matlab to run very long simulations I figured Suse was the best was to go.

I have now also installed it as the main os on my office pc (Suse 10.2 KDE i think, not the GNOME one)

I have 10.1 GNOME on my laptop."

Bitbuck wrote : " Hello all.. hope to get to know some of you.

Anyway.. I decided on Linux as a 2nd operating system. My first being Windows XP Pro.

I started out in the computer world with a VIC 20, then a Commodore 64, then a TANDY 1000 (a PC).
From there I went to bare backbones from (US) - a few from DELL over the years; and
have kept my latest powerhouse of a computer, a Dell XPS 400.
It is Pentium D (dual core), video GeForce 6800, Dual 160gig Raid drives, a wonderful Sony flat screen,
and of course, Audigy from - it meets my needs. (Screen was bought separate)

Whatever you get, it seems to be outdated the next day. So get something that grows with the new
technology, and that I did. I've been with Dell for years now, because they HAVE customer service.
If a part goes bad, a next day shipping replacement part will be on its way, with a return box for the bad
part. You can buy from other places, but you will never get the customer satisfaction you get from Dell.
That's my opinion. My first computer, a Vic 20, was over 30 years ago. I have 30 years experience as
a computer user. Ofcourse, this is my experience, maybe not yours. No flames, please.

So to answer why I wanted Linux: I needed something that the OLD DAYS gave me. Tinkering. Programming,
Learning new things, Discovering, and God knows what else. I didn't feel complete with one operating system.

Now mind you, my XP Pro never gave me problems, and still doesn't. I wanted something different to tinker
with. To program, to relive the good old days, when I was running a BBS. I was programming online games.
I was at MIT, and using their servers for internet. So I was familiar with GNU and Linux.
Remember now, that was back at least 25 years ago, when the internet wasn't like it is today.
(Yes, I made a fortune, but if you're grumpy, what good are you.)

I have tried Slax, Slaxware, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Knoppix, and others. I'm going to tell you right now,
in my opinion, OpenSuse 10.2 is the best, FREE installable Linux distribution out there. If you want a smaller
working one, that works on most computers, I do recommend, Slax (
It is by far, in my opinion, the best LIVE Linux distro out there.

I am 41 years old, and love OpenSuse 10.2 - I like the ease of it. I love the support of it. I liked the installation of it.
I like the forums. I like being able to do things I can't do on my XP Pro.

Now the question is how customizable is OpenSuse 10.2 - how easy it is to remove programs - to check for errors,
to get rid of obsolete, nonworking files? File management, is it there or not? What do we have on our systems that is
just non used and cluttering our diskspace? These are the questions I am seeking, but not in this forum topic.
See you on the other OpenSuse.US forums!"

So, why not check it out for yourself. OpenSuse.US is a good, clean, Linux forum. RTFM is never an answer and all topics/threads are limited to Computer related content.

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