Friday, April 13, 2007

Palm OS dreams of Linux

"Today at Palm Inc's Analyst Day, Palm CEO Ed Colligan officially announced that Palm will deliver a new Linux and open source based mobile computing platform combined with Palm OS Garnet technology on new products later this year. The new platform was just announced at the Palm Analyst meeting and details are light at this point and still coming in." Copied from Palm Info Center.

This is just another example of how Linux is here to stay. I'm pretty excited about this, both as a palm user and a Linux user. While there are a few apps for Linux to hotsync your handheld they are all lacking in some fashion or another. When I was running Open Suse 10.0 I was using Kpilot with no problems. I am now running Kubuntu and I have been unable to get Kpilot to sync with my Palm T|X. So now I'm using JPilot. JPilot works well enough. So hopefully with Palm entering into the Linux world this will mean some good things for Sync apps for Linux. I think that this will happen on the short term. I don't think Palm is ready to roll out the revamped Palm OS based on Linux for at least a year, as they don't even have the details worked out themselves yet.

It seems that as more and more companies are looking for ways to stay fresh and competitive. Linux is, it seems, being the answer for many companies to accomplish those goals. Linux is getting into everything, and in my honest opinion that means that the computer world is getting freer from being tied down by copyrights, DRM, and everything else that stifles creativity.

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