Friday, May 9, 2008

Recent distro mini review

I have yet another laptop, a brand new Lenovo 3000 Y410, which is a 1.6 GHz Duo Core model with 2 GB memory, so for me at home it is a fast platform, though not quite as fast as my work Lenovo Thinkpad T60 - but the T60 has 1 GB memory and this laptop has double that.

I have cleaned up Vista on the Lenovo laptop and I installed Xubuntu 8.04 within the NTFS disk structure using Wubi, a new installer that initially runs right from Windows when you also load the CD. I am very happy with Xubuntu on this box. It gets the wireless figured out right away.

Not too long ago I grabbed the newest version of sidux, the 2008-1 edition, and I installed it on my old Dell Dimension 4100. I have already upgraded my Dell Latitude D600 with the latest sidux bits. To me, sidux is the best cutting edge distro otu there - notice I did say, "To me". Each of us has our own preferences and reasons for picking a system. My reasons are that sidux is extremely fast, has great installation and configuration tools. With ceni, it does a great job of finding my wired and wireless networks. With smxi I can install the cutting edge Debian Sid software without worrying whether or not it will work. The sidux development team does a great job of watching the Sid repositories and putting any packages on Hold that do not work. From time to time, they submit fixes to the Debian development team on broken packages.

AntiX has been a good distribution for me too. I have installed it on the hard drive of the 4100 and I've run it live on the D600. Tonight though the M7.2 release did not find the network on my Lenovo. Not sure if it is just this particular build or if there is a new defect. Otherwise I have always been real happy with AntiX, the lightweight MEPIS offshoot, which also utulizes a few ideas from sidux.

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